New Tourney

Make ready your goods and prepare your packets in our new tourney, Charity Drive, now live!

Sire, times are desperate, indeed! We must call upon all the lords and ladies in our parishes to forage and forge with haste, and donate all that they can spare to the capital.

The most generous of our citizens will be rewarded with glorious prizes and mighty card packs!

Tourney Name: Charity Drive
Tourney Objective: Most Packets Donated to Capitals
Dates & Times: September 15th 10am UTC – September 22nd 10am UTC

Min Prize Requirement (Bronze Commoner):  1000 Packets
Minimum Prize Requirement (Bronze Gentry):  10,000 packets
Minimum Prize Requirement (Bronze Nobility): 100,000 packets

What is a Tourney?
Tourneys are limited-time contests in which players across all game worlds (not including special worlds such as Rise of the Wolf) compete in various in-game PvE activities for fame and in-game loot. Each Tourney is focussed on a different area of gameplay, so there’s a Tourney for everyone whether you’re a farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord!

I’m just a Bumpkin… How can I compete with a Prince?
You won’t have to! To guarantee everyone a fair chance at earning prizes, players are divided into three separate leaderboards during each Tourney. Your leaderboard is dictated by player rank, with prizes scaling as you rank up and advance to new leaderboards. If you rank up across one of the following boundaries during a Tourney your score will be transferred to the new leaderboard:

  • Commoners (Rank 11 and Under)
  • Gentry (Ranks 12 to 17)
  • Nobility (Rank 18 and Above)

How do I enter a Tourney?
That’s the easiest part of all! There is no button to press, invitation to accept or Gods to appease, as you simply log in and play Stronghold Kingdoms as normal. Once you take an action related to the current Tourney (e.g. Kill attacking troops in ‘Come Get Some!’) you are automatically entered into that Tourney and added to the leaderboard.

Can I compete in Tourneys on the go?
Fantastic question, Sire. As you may have heard Stronghold Kingdoms is now available on both and Android and iOS, letting you rise through the ranks wherever you are!