Domination 5 Coming Soon

Our most hardcore PVP contest returns with Domination 5!

My noble Lords and Ladies, it is once again time to find out who is the fiercest among you as Domination 5 will be launching April 29th 2pm UTC. Will you heed the call to fight for glory and the right to rule over the British Isles? Then grind your axes and polish your armour and prepare yourselves for the bloodthirstiest 90 days you’ll ever see!

Just remember: Domination 5 features a special rule set, same as the Domination Worlds before it. Please note, this world will close to new players on June 26th 2pm UTC.

90 days later on July 28th 2pm UTC this world will forever close its gates, with those of us deemed worthy generously rewarded for our strategic cunning! A bundle of valuable prizes will be handed to each Lord and Lady placed in the top 10 of any leaderboard at world end. The winning House will be showered with prizes, and its members immortalised in the Hall of Legends! With no Glory Rounds the winning House will be determined by the total Glory generated during 90 days of brutal warfare.

Members of the winning house:

– 1 Platinum Pack
– 15 Random packs
– 15 Super Random packs
– 15 Ultimate Random packs

Top 10 of any leaderboard (if not in winning house):

– 15 Random packs
– 10 Super Random packs
– 5 Ultimate Random packs

This new world will once again give new Lords and veterans alike a chance to either secure their rightful place in the Hall of Legends or be shamefully forgotten in the annals of Kingdoms’ history…

Be ready to join the fight on April 29th at 14:00 GMT!