USA 6 Now Live

Prepare for battle, and fight your way to glory in USA 6, now live! Did you win free card packs?

New lords and ladies hunting for battle, glory and power are flocking to our newest World, USA 6, an untouched map spanning the glorious landscape of America. So be quick, Sire, prepare yourselves and get ready to make armour, fill your granary, and build your castle tall and strong. You might be ready, my liege, but so is your enemy. Claim your land swiftly and make your kingdom a wonder to behold!

Facebook Giveaway

As ‘USA 6’ opens, our Facebook Giveaway comes to a close and 50 lucky winners get to enjoy a festive bundle of Card Packs and Premium Tokens!

Congratulations to the following players:

Wraith7540, MONTTECRISTO, GreatGadon, The_juzzo, Lusis12, Wesley762, Alivija, Norvven, Don Juan Gomez, PixieLixi, Queen Hope, acurron, PaxOttomana, susiebooo, doze678, Pollock258, anomees, 3vidin, JustGoNow, jamz2015, Megrelski-Caesar, ArubadeGroot, Kristin Russell, AL-JOKER, PaxOttomana, M.KING.S, gamerdadnc, Jhgusy, Nabil79, ricvoz, Edelweiiiiiisss, bighez, Superwalrusman, DynaToniC, Don Petrus V, Tahaker, SIRANTE SEYTAN, Regrox, superdoc523, Lord.Fantini,
kapaji, King Jevieplayer, tlsbudman219, Thunderfingers, gilly666, Debt, Kralj Luka,
SirJulex, caseyblack11, Galacticus12

The winners have been picked at random from the pool of all participants and have received the following prizes in their Stronghold Kingdoms inventory:

  • 10 Random Card Packs
  • 5 Super Random Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 Premium Token (30-Day)

Look out for future giveaways on our official Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page and don’t miss YOUR chance to be the next winner!