New AI World Now Live

New AI World ‘War of the Wolf’ is now live, my liege!

The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat are back, Sire, and with an unquenchable thirst for blood. We need you to rise to the challenge to hold your defences against them, raze their castles to the ground, and send them fleeing with their tails between their legs!

But beware, my liege. The enemy is faster, stronger and more cunning than ever before. They will be vindictive, vengeful and will launch attacks at you from every angle they can. They will try to take what they want by any means necessary, so you must build a mighty kingdom, loyal alliances, and a brave army willing to face your foes if you are to emerge victorious!

Facebook Giveaway

As ‘War of the Wolf’ opens, our Facebook Giveaway comes to a close and 50 lucky winners get to enjoy a festive bundle of Card Packs and Premium Tokens!

Congratulations to the following players:

koresh86, EVPATIY1974, Repeat, Timeler, Borus1980, Romulus559, Fivel-Dragoness, SugarMomFan, Panda_GOD, Duke Locksley, jack4444, Schelet, Wyzysk99, Kurt bilge, TheKiller87541, GreenBlueMan, ir4ik, geste.max, SurferSam, Kurt41982, CHULU, Rhodry Galar, Miron II, Perventer2, Lord of Avalon, Lord Hendrikus, FamiLusion, satana1973, ProofPL, reisekater01, Kalyanich, awooka, Manimal Go, Sirius Seytan, Konkret1910, Wattn, YouDeRaus, BlokXXL, Excision147, 69maga, taby69, Zhenya48, Academa, 3luetapki, Alex_Strelok, SUPERMONK, YouDeRaus, Vigmundr, LordBonkers, chuckmal.

The winners have been picked at random from the pool of all participants and have received the following prizes in their Stronghold Kingdoms inventory:

  • 10 Random Card Packs
  • 5 Super Random Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 Premium Token (30-Day)

Look out for future giveaways on our official Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page and don’t miss YOUR chance to be the next winner!