Romans: Age of Caesar Alpha Stage 2

Today marks a most illustrious moment in our Empire’s history as today we reopen Romans: Age of Caesar to its second round of Alpha testers!

Greetings, Citizens!

The Barbarian armies have invaded; beaten us and bloodied us. They infringe on our lives as citizens of the most righteous land on this planet. By the will of Jupiter, together we must work to rebuild our mighty Empire and retake what is ours!

Romans: Age of Caesar is a F2P co-operative grand strategy MMO currently in development. Firefly are running playable Alpha stages as we create this game, and this will be our Alpha Stage 2. Please register in the link below in order to be contacted with a code to play this game and join in rebuilding the Roman Empire.

Romans: Age of Caesar also has its own Discord server and forums, meaning you should be able to communicate with those you run your city with as time goes on when working together will be crucially important. 

Sign up here to receive your Alpha Stage 2 code and begin the battle to retake the Empire!