New tourney

Compete in the cruellest massacre Domination has ever seen for glory and bloody card packs!

Sire, the time has come to humiliate and destroy those who seek to vanquish you! Only the noblest and most esteemed Lords and Ladies amongst you can undertake this brutal quest. We will bestow glorious prizes unto the most bloodthirsty and cruellest of you all, so Raze your enemies’ villages to the ground and show them no mercy.

Tourney Details

Domination World Nobility Only

Name: Obliteration 
Objective: Most Razes
Start: Aug 13th @ 10am UTC
End: Aug 20th @ 10am UTC

Min Prize Requirement (Commoner Bronze Qualifying): 100 Razes

Can I play in this Tourney?

Unlike most of our other Tourneys in Stronghold Kingdoms, this Tourney is only taking place in the Domination World, and will only be for those at Nobility ranks. The required research option you need to unlock to attempt to raze another village will not open until Rank 20, and so there will be no lower tier participants.

What is a Tourney?

Tourneys are limited-time contests in which players across all game worlds (not including special worlds such as Rise of the Wolf) compete in various in-game PvE activities for fame and in-game loot. Each Tourney is focused on a different area of gameplay, so there’s a Tourney for everyone whether you’re a farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord!

How do I enter a Tourney?
That’s the easiest part of all! There is no button to press, invitation to accept or Gods to appease, as you simply log in and play Stronghold Kingdoms as normal. Once you take an action related to the current Tourney (e.g. Kill attacking troops in ‘Come Get Some!’) you are automatically entered into that Tourney and added to the leaderboard.