Coat of Arms Designer Comes to Mobile Players

Customise your shield using medieval insignia, heraldic crests or pop culture references with millions of possible designs!

Sire, it is time you present your Coat of Arms to the Kingdom. Emblazon your ferocity, your benevolence, or whatever it is that your heart holds dear across your shields with pride and gusto.

Stronghold Kingdoms have added a new Coat of Arms designer to our mobile version of the game. Featuring 200 varied designs and 32 colours this new tool allows you to explore your creative side and construct millions of different Coat of Arms designs to be displayed on your in-game shield. Displayed on the world map, player leaderboards, profile and used to sign in-game mail, shields act as a your avatar indicating everything from House loyalty to your favourite 80s tv show.

We plan to add more Charges, Subordinary, Ordinary and Field designs for you to earn and unlock through regular gameplay and in-game tournaments. To start designing your new Coat of Arms you simply need to log into a game world and tap on ‘Edit Coat of Arms’ in the main menu.