New World

As you head into battle with thousands of eager Lords on the brand-new world of USA 5, we reveal the winners of the Facebook Giveaway!

USA 5 Opens
Sire, are you ready for another challenge! Return to humble beginnings and witness the birth of your newest empire in the 33 Kingdoms of medieval North America. From the rocky lands of the Western countryside over to the sunny beaches of the Eastern shore, a wild and open land awaits anyone who dares to assert their dominance over this untamed map. Choose a location for your first village, build your reputation and expand your power far beyond the reach of your sword!

Facebook Giveaway
As USA 5 opens, our Facebook Giveaway comes to a close and 50 lucky winners get to enjoy a festive bundle of Card Packs and Premium-Tokens!

Congratulations to the following players:
bossmanstein; Frostmourn; shotgun1999; Kirche; toster111; badhillbilly; Wajeeh6; GaDzaa; Steafler; ZerooneX; Aut1sm; Kundrak; toady07420; Tempest1; gatvol; wesley762; Sentenza Sama; Sir sevin; Lord Dracowolf; FatDaddyBruce; LeoRjBr; Schelet; JiTeKaboB; l-JECK-l; AZ_Moving_Target; vittal; xXKillerWeedXx; Itasha; Sir Adam Kidd; emreveemre; Encesa; CrOnOsH; Emohunter; hardymaster; Sparda_BG_; pansy; AmikaofMan; Medieva Knight; Mom1226; garthallus; ZapomnianyKS; Artimissaidiablo; Kile12345; SurferSam; KatherineKath; Davelhaskk; Nickodemos; DestroyerCayden; noviceg; serega1185

The winners have been picked at random from the pool of all participants and have received the following prizes in their Stronghold Kingdoms inventory:

  • 10 Random Card Packs
  • 5 Super Random Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 Premium Token (30-Day)

Look out for future giveaways on our official Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page and don’t miss YOUR chance to be the next winner!