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Move your village hall, mark players with new diplomacy icons, communicate with 60 players at once and more in today’s community-driven update for PC!

We’ve listened intently to the Stronghold Kingdoms community – and today’s update is our answer! Based on your suggestions, this update contains the most-requested features brought forward by players.

Village hall – Adding a new layer of economic village planning and giving you full freedom of village design, the village hall can now be placed wherever you fancy! By activating a Premium-Token, the village hall can be moved around the village like any other building. But remember: moving the village hall can affect various production values and bonuses!

Diplomacy icons – Diplomacy is a nuanced endeavour that requires wits, knowledge and your full attention. We can’t help you with the wits, but we’ve made it easier than ever to keep track of your diplomatic relations to fellow players. By introducing four new icons (green face, red face, pink jester’s hat, and a yellow ‘?’) to be displayed next to player villages on the world map, you can now quickly identify where your favourite – or not so favourite – players are gathered.

Mail thread limit – You want to thank all your allies for their support, but you’ve made more than 40 friends? No need to worry, you can now include up to 60 players in the same mail thread! Whether you’re coordinating meticulously planned attacks with allies or trying to summon the wrath of 60 new enemies upon your castle, you can do it all in one message.

For a full list of the new community-requested features, check out our official update notes.

If you have suggestions and requests of your own, please share them in the official Stronghold Kingdoms Forum!

We regularly screen the forums for new ideas, tweaks and inspirations from the community. Without you, this update would not have been possible. Thank you for your continued support!