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Wage war across 151 countries and check if you’re one of 50 lucky Global Conflict 4 Giveaway winners!

Global Conflict Giveaway
To celebrate today’s launch, we asked you to spread the wonderful news on Facebook and have now picked 50 lucky winners to receive our mighty giveaway prizes. Congratulations to the winners:

Thormon, Koontz, korjik45, McKaskil, Gannibal Barka, RobertB, YSTERBUL, stevent37, Fawazx8mikoud , ByDeZx36, Joaopcfigueiredo, MrBrownstone8, THEBESTEVATRUE, rotcaer, DestructiveDaisy, soncni, alligatoral, Preivit79, BOJIKKK, Ulekin, Stephen2366, dodgerman20001, MICHAEL4262, imxaa, Kalyanich, UKROPS, MasterPUhA, Bagsik, Nikita_007n, Lord_Blackmoonfire, Deschei, Eragonia, Seigneur Barington, Bernd von Habsburg, GolLd3nN, Gold Panner, Ammar qureshi, uniqfazer, amirking30, Sir Lantze, RomRomRya, Bez32, aTmaster1000, Ryd., Ulfric Sturmmantel, nhmoose, Joker1603, Tallguy181, streetgrindaz

The winners have had the following prizes added to their ingame inventory:

  • 10 Random Packs
  • 5 Super Random Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 30-day Premium Token

New Game World
As we pass the mind-boggling milestone of six million Lords and Ladies fighting for glory in Stronghold Kingdoms, it is time for another Global Conflict battlefield! Based on today’s real-life map of the globe, Global Conflict 4 invites thousands of players into the fray, tempting them with 151 thrones to conquer. Opening its gates on Thursday August 30th at 2pm GMT, Global Conflict 4 will present both veterans and novices with new opportunities, challenges and fertile soil to grow their empire!

New Update
We have a new update coming soon with various updates, fixes and even a few new features across our PC, mobile, Mac and Windows 10 versions of the game. This update will include the ability to move your village hall, tweaks to the mail system, coloured village markers and more! Designed to lay the groundwork for our much larger ‘Tournaments’ update coming soon, these new features were designed in response to player feedback and requests.