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xmas_sale_client_2016Collect 40% more Crowns when filling your treasury over Christmas – Ends Monday 26th December!

Wrap your presents, carve your roasts and gather your loved ones, Sire. It’s Christmas! Now certain peasants *are* spreading the terrible rumour that Santa isn’t real and we just made him up to placate the masses and prevent open rebellion. It would be easy for us to make an example of the village elders for spewing such filthy lies, but let us walk a different path this time. However well torture and retaliation have served you in the past, this is a time for love and forgiveness! As such I have made the decision to demonstrate our generosity, benevolence and neighbourly love by sharing our treasures. “Santa” has therefore come once to magically multiply our Crown deliveries.

Purchase any bundle of Crowns before December 26th and you’ll get 40% extra Crowns!


Please Note: This Christmas Sale applies to all payment methods, Crown amounts and of course to gifts for your fellow players.