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Your Journey Begins…

Sire, I see you have embarked on a new adventure. An adventure that will put your strength and strategic wits to the test as you explore these lands and rise to the top of the Kingdom!


What is the goal in Stronghold Kingdoms?
World domination! And of course, the satisfaction of building an empire from scratch, solving strategic puzzles and achieving greatness on the world stage. Whether you choose to become a tyrannical leader, an economic mogul, a highly skilled diplomat or just the master of your own personal Kingdom, the goal is yours to define.

Can I manage my Kingdom from multiple devices?
Indeed, Sire. You can command your Kingdom from almost any Windows, OS, iOS and Android device. Check out https://strongholdkingdoms.com for links to your desired devices.

Are there other worlds? And are they the same as this one?
There are over a dozen different world types, each with their own real-life country maps and even varying rule sets. While villages, ranks, research, etc. are linked to each specific world, you may enter all worlds and begin new journeys alongside your adventure on this world. (Note: World availability may differ based on device)

Where do I find more information on the gameplay?
If you have further questions about a specific part of Stronghold Kingdoms, look out for the ? icon on each screen for detailed information. Alternatively, check out the official Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki.

Your Scribe

Tournaments Update

We are happy to announce that Stronghold Kingdoms’ long-awaited Tournaments Update is now live across all game worlds! Following up on last month’s community-driven update, we’ve been building the new ‘Tourney’ system for some time now. It therefore gives us here at Firefly Studios great pleasure to finally launch the feature with our first ever tournament: ‘Canine Control’!

Tourneys are time-limited contests in which players compete across all game worlds to complete various PvE activities in search of glory and in-game loot. These activities cover pretty much all aspects of the game, making each facet of Stronghold Kingdoms even more rewarding. This new update is designed to combine the short-term dedication of quests with the world-wide competition of the popular Domination Worlds.